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Download the latest ringtones for your mobile phone or create one just for yourself. Yes be unique...after all, there are no two you!

We all love it when our ring tone is unique. You can create as many unique ringtones as possible for every special person on your contact list. It is simply addictive. We bring you the latest and most popular mobile phone ringtones around and logos too. See how you can download them for nothing.

You can download free ring tones from our website in partnership with providers that feature ring tone melodies for mobile handset. Expect to pay for the funkiest and latest ringtones. For older ring tones, you can get most of them for free.

Ring tones are usually a specific radio frequency signal produced in form of a music tone to indicate the arrival of a call or text message.

Ringtones come in various types. We have the older types called monophonic, then the polyphonic, and more recently, Real tones.

Real tones are live sounds, and obviously more sophisticated than monophonic and polyphonic tones.

Whether you want to download a monophonic, a polyphonic ring tone, or real tones there are three ways to do this...

Follow the steps below and down load the latest ringtones to your mobile phone.

  • You could have your chosen ring or real tone sent directly to your handset. For ring tones, this is easily achieved by sending your mobile phone number to the provider of the ring tone, and the ring tone is sent to you. You could also have selected ring or real tones sent to you via Bluetooth technology if your handset has one built in.
  • Download the ring tone from your computer using data transfer technique. This is particular useful if you download an MP3 editor onto your computer, and then you can insert your voice or favourite song selection into the MP3 editor, save it and then transfer the new custom built tone to your mobile phone via the Blue tooth.
  • For some mobile phone handset, you can upload unique ring tone selection by simply using the key pad to enter the program or song command into your phone memory and create your own ring tone.

Some phones provide you with an inbuilt melody composer. This means that you can key in the ring tone of your choice directly onto your phone.

If you search for a melody composer on a supporting website on the net, it will direct you to which key on your phone pad you press to generate the code for the melody.

If you must spend money getting one then make sure you get the best. Look out for opportunity to make your own.

Why not be even more stylish and create your very own tone by using your own favorite phrases?

You could use your name, "Johnny pick up yah phone, you’ve got a call"; "I say Johnny pick up your phone, you have a call"; "Hey all you stop looking at me in amazement... Ahahahahhhaaaah. Yes." At Ringtone Factory You Create Your Own Ringtones, Be unique!
Perhaps you identify with the super stars of pop and funk music; Jennifer Lopez, Atomic Kitten, Celine Dion to Boris Gardner? Well, the choice is yours. There is some thing for everyone.

Your mobile or cellular phone ring tone is your identity. It is your phone's personality. You do not need to worry about keeping up with updating your ringtones as you can get the latest downloads here.

You can even access thousands of free MP3 music from the page on free MP3 music and then convert one of these free music from your MP3 to a funky tone. Remember, your mobile phone ringtone is part of your identity! You deserve the best. Always look for the latest ringtones download.

Be In Vogue! Get The Tone Of Your Choice...

A word of warning: The next time you walk through the woods or a quiet park and hear your favourite tune, it may not be your ring tone!!

In Germany it has been reported that wild birds now mimic popular mobile phone ring tones and are "singing" them across the country side. That is another reason to regularly update and personalise your ring tones. You now competing with the birds :-)


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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.