Audiovox 4100 PPC


The Audiovox 4100 released in June 2004 is the first GMS (Tri-band) pocket PC phone (Audiovox PPC) from Audiovox. The elegance of the phone speaks for itself.

Audiovox 4100 runs on a Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC phone edition platform. The sea-blue large LCD touch screen, speakerphone, windows and internet explorer functionalities makes this an ideal handheld PDA phone running on the latest technology.

This tri-band powerful Audiovox PPC phone runs on a 400MHz Intel X Scale processor, with a 64 RAM memory capacity, and an amazing GPRS class 10 functionality, making reception superb all across the United States and data transfer seamless.

A peep into the embodied software? Get them: Pocket Outlook, MSN Messenger, improved SMS management software, Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket Word, Media Player 9, Pocket Excel, Pictures, Terminal Services Client, Note Taker, Active Sync, Transcriber, Calculator, Voice Recorder, digital camera, MP3 player, Solitaire Game, and Jawbreaker Game.

Audiovox PPC 4100 is available on the AT&T wireless network, and supports the cingular ringtone.

Audiovox PPC 4100 comes with an AC adaptor, USB Cradle two sets of ear phones, manual, stylus for writing on the screen, and a single bud headset.

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