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With the explosion of cell phone technology over the last few years cell phones have become a piece of "must have" technology that everyone now has.

Yes, you can have the coolest cell phone on the market, but how about turning your cell phone into a personal fashion statement as well? You can do this with your ringtones.

Alltel phones are available across the world. What about personalizing your cell phone with ringtones in your own language. How cool would it be to use a ringtone from a completely different culture. You could very well become the King or Queen of "cool"?

And, as your mood changes, so can your ringtone. Use these ringtones to reflect your mood, style and personality. Use them to identify individual family members and your friends when they phone you. Be smart and funny. Be an individual.

Alltel ringtones are designed to work with individual Alltel models. When people hear your ringtone they'll know that you're using the latest and coolest ringtone.

Of course if you want to identify your family and friends then you'll use different ringtones to identify these people. I mean, you wouldn't want to be using the same identifier ringtone for both your Mum and your lover now would you?

There are numerous and different ways to use ringtones on your Alltel phone. How you use them is only limited by your own imagination. These ringtones are being updated all the time. Some ringtones have become ringtone classics. Some have even made the music charts and become worldwide hits.

Alltel ringtones can be used for practical reasons (identifying your callers) and/ or as a personal statement (your choice of ringtone). Change your rigntones regularly to reflect your mood, and personal sytle. The choice is always yours.

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Once you verify that your phone is able to accept the ringtone, then you can download your free Alltel ringtone here - or get unlimited ringtones for only $19.99!

Other providers of ringtones that may suit your fancy include: Macktones or

Jamster - UK

If you want to be totally unique and demonstrate very high class and taste, you can even find the latest MP3 download, convert it to an Alltel ringtone here...