About Audiovox Cellular Phones

Audiovox Cellular Phones


Audiovox is a consumer Electronics Company founded in 1965 in New York. They make Audiovox cell phones.

It trades under the names of Advent, Audiovox and Jensen. Acoustic Research, Terk, Prestige Phase Linear and Jensen Marine are other associated brand names.

It is a company quoted in the NASDAQ.

Audiovox cell phone brands are well known in North America, which was originally owned by Audiovox, but sold to UTStarCom in 2004.

This brand of cell phones are widely used and in tems of ringtones they come with various ringer systems. The Audiovox SMT 5600 is compatible with Cingular Ringtones

The following are well known Audiovox cell phone models


Audiovox-SMT5600 Smartphone

Audiovox CDM-180

Audiovox CDM 8912

Audiovox CDM 8940

Audiovox Thera 2035

Audiovox CDM 9950

Audiovox CDM 8600

Audiovox CDM 8900

Audiovox CDM 9500

Audiovox CDM 8920

Audiovox CDM 9900

Audiovox CDM 8450

Audiovox CDM 8910

Audiovox PPC 4100

Audiovox PPC 6600

Audiovox PPC 6601

Audiovox XV 6600

MP3 music ... downloadable to Audiovox Cellular Phones

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