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Phones have come to stay. So are ringtonesThe Cingular Telecoms continue to literally “raise the bar”. Free Cingular ring tone service has made it easier for many to regularly update their phone ringtone.

Current figures put it that over 50 million individuals use the Cingular network. In October 2005 alone, 5886 users searched for downloadable free Cingular ring tone.

That number is set to rise in the coming months, as improvements continue to be made on the network and phone users are ever on the increase.

If you are looking to download free Cingular ring tone, you need to make sure that:

a. Your phone is compatible to do this. You can check here to see if your phone is listed amongst compactible phones for Cingular ring tones.

If it is not, please check the manufacturer’s website to verify, or contact your phone manufacturer directly.

b. Then download Cingular ringtone from your computer using data transfer technique.

This is particular useful if you download an MP3 editor onto your computer, and then you can insert your voice or favourite song selection into the MP3 editor, save it and then transfer the new custom built tone to your mobile phone via the Bluetooth.

Compatible phones for Cingular ring tones include models made by

Sony Ericsson

Once you verify that your phone is able to accept the ringtone, then you can download free Cingular ring tones here - or unlimited ringtones for only $19.99!

Other providers of ringtones that may suit your taste include:


You can get the latest MP3 Download and convert it to a Cingular ringtone here.