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Have you tried the Mosquito ringtone yet? It is simply amazing. The mosquito ringtone is a high frequency (ultrasonic) tone that has been specifically designed to be noticeable by young people only.

Adults above 30 years often have started to loose their hearing power, and can hardly hear sounds at that frequency. This means that if you use a mosquito ringtone on your phone, teachers, parents and all those older ones you don’t want to know your phone is ringing can’t hear it. How delightful!

This technology was initially designed in the UK as a security device to ward off trouble making youths from shops and shopping centre.

When the speakers emitting this frequency is put on, you see youths running away from shops, not knowing what is happening or where the sound is coming from. Hilarious!

No more so. The tide has been turned against the inventors. Now young ones hurry to download mosquito ringtones and use it on their phones to punish older ones who can not hear the sound. According to the NBC news of 13th June 2006, the inventor, Howard Stapleton had this to say:

“There's a new cell phone ring tone that's hot with kids. If you're an adult, you probably haven't heard it.

It's called the "mosquito," a super-high-pitched buzz originally marketed to convenience stores and other places plagued by loitering youngsters. Adult ears generally can't hear the tone. Broadcast the mosquito over a loudspeaker system, and kids buzz off”

He continues "There's my device I took to chase them away from shops, and now they've nabbed this device and they're using it as a method of receiving text messages and phone calls within the classrooms ... without teachers being aware that they've even got their phones ringing,"

Enough of the story. Now try this. If you think you are still young, play and listen to this mosquito ringtone without a music yet. The Ringtones sold are usually specially designed with top chart artist music.

I could not stop laughing after I played it myself at just 34 years of age, and could not hear it. I called my daughter Roli, 7 years of age who perfectly described the sound as a buzzling sound. She had no clue of what I was doing or looking for! How depressing for older ones!

This is a 17KHz sound most adults would not hear.

If you really want to use this technology, you could choose a lesser frequency sound that most people in their middle and late forties can hear too.

For those who could not hear mosquito ringtone sound played above, listen to a louder buzz mosquito ringtone here.

I heard this myself. Did you?

It therefore means that if you want to buy or download a mosquito ringtone, you need to test it out both on your self and ask older ones around you to listen for the sound. If you can hear it without them hearing the mosquito buzz, then that is it. Go for your kill.

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