Become a Ringtone Reseller...
And Make Money!

The ringtone reseller market is booming. Believe it or not, estimates for ringtone sales in 2005 alone was over $4 Billion (USD)!

Styling one's ring tone has become part of an evolving elite culture, and ring tone sales is a multi- billion pound industry that is growing each day. Join the party. Become a ring tone reseller today !

Many artist and musicians now sell their songs as ringtones as an alternate stream of why not you? Do you enjoy downloading the latest ringtones the greatest hit chart topper or one of the good old oldies? It doesn't have to end there. Yes. Make money selling ringtones, games, logos, wallpaper, mobile phones, accessories and mobile phone insurance. Join a ringtone affiliate program. We will show you how.

Talking about how, I am going to give you step by step guide in helping you do just that. If you follow the steps you would be amazed of the huge profit you could make from becoming a ring tone affiliate program reseller.

STEP 1 : Preparation

If you are going to succeed, as in most things in life, you need to be prepared.

Preparation for your business as a reseller of mobile phone ring tones will involve making sure that the service or item you are about to offer is what people actually seek for or demand. Creating a business that is not in high demand is clearly a recipe for failure.

So how can you know this? You can use the free keyword search facility or the ultimate e-commerce search tool called SearchIt.

You can conduct a quick search on demand level for ring tones . This will show you that over 2 million searches where made on that keyword only last month, with several million related keyword searches. This shows that resell of ringtones is a business in high demand!

STEP 2 : To Build a Website or Not ...The Choice is Yours

It is estimated that over 60 million persons use the internet daily. Most ring tone downloads are made online too. So, for you to succeed in this business you do need to have a website, though you may also do a lot and succeed without owning a website... the choice is truly yours.

My strong advice will be that if you do have a small start off capital, then go for a website. Do not worry though, if you can not afford staring your ring tone reseller business without a website.

What we shall do now, is to take you through how to start with a website, how to build a site, and where to get ringtone providers to market their product and make your money. We would also mention how to get traffic to your site, using free traffic building technique and the Google Adwords.

If you have never built a website before, the good news is you have what you need to take off and that is MOTIVATION and HARD WORK. At lease you don't have to buy that.

If you want to, and can afford a website, then go for the ultimate: SBI I will not recommend any other website building software to you, because all the others will not come close to Build Site BuildIt in return of investment and value. I will be glad for you to succeed. See the facts themselves. It is simply the best on the net. In simple steps, you can build sites that work like this site... after all, that is how you came to find this site.

Also learn to become an affiliate master by downloading for free, the Affiliate Master Course Manual Free . This free manual will show you all the steps you need to build a site that works for your ringtone reseller business, and in deed for any business. See for yourself here:

Build Sites That WorK ...See How

You don't need a university degree to get the hang of becoming a successful affiliate partner. You now have the oppotunity of knowing all you need to succeed

Become the master of your own affiliate business

If you do not have a website, you can still do any online business you fancy, especially the ring tone reseller business. What you need is to:

  • Register with a ringtone reseller provider or ringtone affiliate programme
  • Get a unique publisher link to your account from the affiliate provider
  • Drive targeted traffic to your Web site with Yahoo! Sponsored Search. Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN.

You could also open a Google Adwords account and run both to maximize traffic to your ringtone reseller business.

  • Upload your unique affiliate link provided when setting up your Google adwords campaign

  • Seat back and watch your ringtone reseller business bring money in

You can use this same model to couple the benefit of Google Ad words and other affiliate business, by downloading the Google Software.

STEP 3 : Register With Top Ringtone Reseller Affiliate Providers

You need to register with major ringtone affiliate masters. That is where you need a third party or mediator that will be in between, tracking your sales and making sure you get your commission paid into your account. There are a wealth of ringtone affiliate providers to start off your ringtone reseller business.

We will provide you a list of ringtones reseller affiliate programs, and then general affiliate providers for additional products you may wish to include in your business. Please register with all these providers to enhance your chances to succeed.

Ringtones Affiliate Programs

The following are the top well known ringtone affiliate programs you could enroll with:

Tradedoubler is a very good marketing solution provider for affiliates and merchants. You can get solid ringtone reseller links from their partners like Carphone Warehouse , Jamster and Boltblue . I will recommend them at any time. They cover most merchants in the European market. It is free to join

Commission Junction

Commission Junction has a global appeal. From merchants in America, Britain, Canada to other countries. Go to this major affiliate solution provider, and you will be amazed at the range of ringtone reseller links providers you can register with and have your commission tracked and paid into your account.


Paid On Results



are other affiliate program providers.

Other potential sources of ringtone reseller links and definitely other links you may need for diversifying your ringtone reseller niche includes


Affiliate future is an e-commerce solution provider for merchants and website owners or any one who is interested in earning a share of online advertising revenue.

They, like other affiliate program providers, act as an independent third party bringing merchants and affiliates together. When you make sales, the will tract this on your behalf and charge it to the merchant account, thus making sure you are paid. You can browse through their WebSite and register with merchants of your choice. Registration is free. They feature merchants from the whole of Europe and America.



They have described themselves as "Affiliate Window is the United Kingdom's foremost affiliate marketing company, with an emphasis on providing cutting edge technology and tools to enable you to maximize returns from your on-line marketing program". For most merchants ion the UK’s market, get registered with affiliate windows. They charge a £5.00 retention fee which is paid back to you once you get your first pay cheque.


Click bank is a specialist digital product market place where could sign for a number of high in demand digital products and sell them using Google Adwords or yahoo search marketing to drive traffic.

To maximize your conversion rate, you could couple the power of buying ads at low price and selling at high price by downloading Autopilot Traffic Machine

Once you are through with the above steps, then all you need to do is wait and let the check roll in in. Believe me. It is happening.

Take advantage of the ringtone reseller opportunity today. Make money.

If you need help in picking profitable affiliate merchants for your ringtone reseller business, please send us an email: Ringtone Reseller? Get it to Millions Now! Click here!

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