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What happens when someone phones you, if you're NOT using a unique ringtone on your cell phone? You don't know who it is that has phoned you before you answer the call. Ringtones have a practical use, in that they allow you to screen out the people you don't want to talk to. Those intrusive sales calls will become a thing of the past.

Ringtones are an excellent way to personalize your Sprint cell phone. Use Sprint ringtones to reflect your own individuality, style and personality.

Use them to identify individual family members and friends. Make a statement about yourself.

Be funny, be smart, be an individual. Be cool!

However, whether you are using your cell phone for business or personal use you will always find new, cool ringtones for any Sprint cell phone model right here, on this web site.

The ringtones are designed to work with individual Sprint models. When people hear your Sprint ringtone they'll know that you're using the latest and coolest Sprint phone.

Of course you can always identify different callers by using different ringtones. I mean, you wouldn't want to be using the same ringtone for both your Boss and best friend would you? Imagine if you had taken a day off from work and your Boss rang, and you thought the incoming call was from your friend. That's not a good plan now.

Of course there are multiple ways to use ringtones on your Sprint phone, Some ringtones have even become worldwide hits. Maybe you'll choose a ringtone that becomes the next hit?

OK, so now that you've bought your Sprint cell phone, it's time to personalize it with your own individual ringtones. What's your favorite music? What Sprint ringtone would you use to identity your Mother, your boss, or your best friend? Think about it, the choices are endless.

So, have fun with your Sprint ringtones.

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Once you verify that your phone is able to accept the ringtone, then you can download your verizon ringtone from any of the following links...

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