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Cell phones are much more than just portable phones. Now they can be used to send pictures, live... play music, act as personal organizers etc.

When you use ringtones you make a personal statement about yourself.

Ringtones are an excellent way to personalize your own Verizon cell phone. As your mood changes, so can your ringtone. Use them to reflect your mood, style, personality and individuality.

Use ringtones to identify your family members and friends when they call. Make a statement about yourself. Be funny, be smart, be an individual.

However, whether you choose to use your cell phone as a practical tool or as a personal statement you can be assured that there will always be new, and cool technical developments for your Verizon cell phone. Your ringtone can be used for both practical or personal statement purposes.

The ringtones are designed to work with individual Verizon models. When people hear your Verizon ringtone they'll know that you're using the latest Verizon phone with the latest and coolest ringtone.

Of course if you want to identify your family and friends then you'll use different ringtones. I mean, you wouldn't want to be using the same identifier ringtone for both your Mum and your lover now would you?

Imagine if you were at a rave and your Mum rang, and you thought the incoming call was from your lover??!! That could get embarrassing now couldn't it? And, none of us want that now, do we?

There are numerous and different ways to use Verizon ringtones on your Verizon phone. How you use them is only limited by your own imagination. Your ringtone can be changed all the time. Some ringtones have become classics. Some have even made the music charts and become worldwide hits.

You may well be able to personalize your cell phone with Verizon ringtones in your own language. How cool would it be to use a ringtone from your own culture. Become the King or Queen of "cool"?

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Once you verify that your phone is able to accept the ringtone, then you can download your verizon ringtone from any of the following links...

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